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Fiction Mentorships


In this one-on-one, private, four-month online mentorship, Gail will guide you as you write your fiction project. Monthly submission deadlines keep you producing. Gail’s direction keeps you on track.

There are no assignments or writing prompts. Gail focuses solely on your project and your specific writing needs. Great for both emerging writers and pros with a new project on the go.

You have the option of booking more sessions to complete your project.

For a taste of Gail's approach, please see this interview with Gail in The Puritan.

How it works:

Each month, you'll submit by email up to 4,000 words of your project, including a one-page outline or synopsis, one week before your scheduled workshop session, to allow Gail time to critique your submission.
The fiction mentorship workshop session is one hour long. You have the option of meeting Gail on Zoom or by email. During the session, Gail will offer her detailed notes and you'll then have time to ask questions and brainstorm. Discussion then closes as you prepare your next month’s submission. 


Four-month sessions start in January, May and September, but if you'd like to start at a different time, contact Gail's office and we'll do our best to fit you into Gail's schedule.

For more or to put your name on the interest list, contact Gail's office:


The cost of one four-month (four session) mentorship: $975 plus GST/HST (of your province).

Once you've paid to reserve your spot, the fee will not be reimbursed in whole or in part, so please make sure you can commit to your chosen dates. Not sure? Put your name on the interest list for the next session. As the number of seats in Gail's schedule is limited, registration is on a first pay, first serve basis.

Grants for writers can often be used for professional development, like this mentorship. Check out the Canada Council for the Arts and provincial arts councils to see if this is a funding possibility for you.

You can also try one of Gail's blue pencil sessions to see if a four-month mentorship is right for you. Not your average blue pencil session, this is a single session workshop just like what you'd experience in the mentorship. And you can book a blue pencil session any time.

Purchase to register and we'll get right back to you with details.

Don't like paying online? No problem. Let us know and we'll set you up.


Work with Gail

Gail works with writers at all levels, from newbies to pros. Choose the course that best suits your project.

Creative Writing Course

Work independently and at your own pace as you learn how to put together the building blocks of fiction. Great for newbies and emerging writers.

Blue Pencil Sessions

Not your average blue pencil session, this consultation with Gail is a full workshop. Book at any time.

Fiction Mentorships

Gail's flagship course. In this one-on-one, private, four-month online mentorship, Gail will guide you as you put together your fiction project.

Developmental Edits

For writers with a complete draft. This manuscript evaluation focuses on the big picture but also includes notes on the finer elements of craft.

Writing Retreat

This week-long writing retreat in the Shuswap region of BC is timed to coincide with the sockeye run on the Adams River, a natural wonder.

Gail's Classroom

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Blogs on Craft

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Events and Workshops for Groups

Gail offers library and bookclub reading events as well as writing workshops for organizations and private groups.

About Gail

Gail's novels have been national and international bestsellers and two have been short-listed for the Giller Prize, among other awards. She works with writers from around the world on her online teaching forums.