Public forum event Oct. 26 with mystery writer Melodie Campbell

"You are supposed to love your family and support them.  But what if your family is this one?" Melodie Campbell, Canada's Queen of Comedy, on writing about home from her current guest blog.

Melodie's book The Artful Goddaughter has just been released by Orca Books. She is the executive director of Crime Writers of Canada.

Melodie will be our guest in "Gail's Kitchen," Gail's public forum, on Sunday, October 26, 2014. Melodie will talk about the mystery form, both commercial and literary, and about the industry as it now stands. Please join us for that informal discussion from 9 to 11 a.m. PST (noon to 2 p.m. ET).

To get to the forum, click on the blackboard "Gail's Classroom."

Julie Paul on how she got her groove back

Julie Paul guest blogs on how she wrote her way back into writing.

Julie has published two books of short fiction, The Jealousy Bone (Emdash, 2008) and The Pull of the Moon, just released by Brindle & Glass, September 30, 2014.

Her work has appeared across the country in journals and anthologies, and was shortlisted for the CBC prize back when the word count was a more generous number. She lives, writes and massages in Victoria, BC, with her family.

Gail's literacy learner novel Search and Rescue out this fall!

When a young woman goes missing on a nature trail, small-town journalist Claire Abbott is first on the scene, as usual. The clues to the woman’s whereabouts are misleading, but Claire has a sixth sense—what the fire chief calls a “radar for crime.” Trusting her intuition, Claire insists that the search and rescue team look elsewhere for clues to the woman’s disappearance. When they fail to follow up on her lead, she pursues it on her own, embarking on a snowy chase up a mountainside that puts herself and others in danger. She’s more than just a journalist chasing a story. Claire is determined to do the right thing at any cost.

Search and Rescue is the first novel in a series of mysteries featuring journalist and sleuth Claire Abbott. The novel is a Rapid Reads book, written for adult literacy learners, or those just looking for a fast read. Reading level: 3.0 Pub date: September 1, 2014.

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